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Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back is a middle-aged woman's compelling narrative in lyrical prose offering hope to brain injury survivors and their loved ones that healing can come with persistence and the brain's power of neuroplasticity. Gambutti's life was dramatically altered during a bus trip with family and friends in the Pennsylvania Highlands. In a flash, her foray into the wilderness begins. Her counterpunch to sudden powerlessness was her will to recover.




"Her poetry...guided through the prose, is softens the blow of the terrifying experience of having to abandon life as she knew it and being thrown into a strange land where her body needs to be introduced to her...a body that also needs to find its identity changes from week to week...I didn't want the intimacy to end. You have me hooked." -- Wendy Bialek, poet

"... a story brimming with hope and inspiration. Once I had finished the first page, I knew I wouldn't be stopping until the last. Highly recommended. -- Liz Crocket, poet, Author







A prose and poetry compilation Fortitude's Footing: Coming to Terms with Stroke (Fortitude's Footing: My Journey Through Hemorrhagic Stroke) in Kindle and Paperback

Stroke Story: My Journey There and Back and Coming to Terms: My Journey Continues (My Stroke Story Books 1 and 2) purchase separately or as a set.

Permanent Home: A Memory Collection

This charming collection of vignettes portrays the childhood of an adopted Air Force daughter in the 1950s and 1960s. Her stories of loss and privilege advance through the successful search for her biological mother.

She survives a brain trauma, enduring long rehabilitation, yet she is not deterred in her quest to solve the puzzle of her identity and obscured heritage. 

Previously published as Permanent Home: A Memoir. 


"An engaging memoir that captivates your imagination - The author has a lyrical writing style that blends early childhood memories into what reads like a vision or a dream. The stream of consciousness is moving and relatable. The segue into the trauma and loss as she learns of the circumstances surrounding her birth adds a touching and personal element that draws the reader in. The story moves effortlessly into her troubling experiences later in life that bring the experience for the reader full circle. I couldn't put it down." --Steve


"... a reflective and descriptive account of a desperate desire to discover herself and her ancestry. I loved her warm accounting and tell-all tales with Nana. Mary Ellen's honest yet loving picture of her adoptive parents was heart-wrenching. We all, whether adoptees or not, have real questions about our history but the author was able to place those uncertainties in a touching dialogue gracefully... This is an absolutely beautiful gift to give to anyone who finds life as precious as I do. -- Fran C.


Mary Ellen Gambutti, 
I Must Have Wandered Book Photo Gallery  Complement to the 2nd edition. 

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